Best SEO Strategy for Google Search Engine Rankings

when we come to talk about search engine rankings, before anything else we want to rank on Google. The reasons for which are quite self explanatory, Google takes almost 47% traffic of the search engines and ranking on Google guarantees traffic.

The Old SEO Way’s

Google has grown and so have their search engine ranking algorithms, gone are the days when one could spam their way to the top of the Google search engine rankings by you keyword stuffing, building outrageous amounts of links and so on. I am quite sure that most of the colleagues of the SEO fraternity are well aware of this.

So Where is SEO headed?

With complex search engine algorithms in place to bring up the most relevant webpage for a query, and a variety of spam detection techniques to keep the spammers at bay, Gaining top rankings on search engines has become increasingly difficult.

Difficult for those who have always followed the wrong path, and a boon for the one who have been taking SEO the ethical way. With my personal experience I can now say that search engines like Google, are giving a lot of weight-age to websites that serve good and ethical content and are built keeping the visitors interest in mind.

3 Golden Rules of SEO

For a brainteaser I would like to mention the terms which can be few pointers as to how you should conduct your search engine optimization.

A great navigation structure is one of the basic blocks of the search engine optimization array. It not only helps the search engines to collect information (index) from your website could also helps visitors to get to what they’re looking for.
LSI-based SEO content writing is the next building block, if he website and enough information on a topic that is no reason why a search engine will not give you the credit for it. Make sure that your content is unique and explains the topic properly. it is also important that the information on the website is frequently updated for the search engines to be the that it is not a redundant website and is being properly looked after.
off page optimization basically involves creating a buzz of your website in your online community, which may involve link building, social media optimization, blogging, foruming, press release distribution etc. This helps a search engine to understand that you all your website belongs to the specific community, Thats how you can get a feather in your Cap.