Blogging – Quality Fresh Content – Key SEO Strategy

I have a theory that you may or may not agree with. I believe that blogs rule on the Search Engines due to one main reason, fresh content. There are endless debates among SEO professionals over whether quality content or back links are the most important to Google. These discussions miss the point if they are talking about quality content without taking into consideration content freshness.

Quality fresh content will win every time over and above any other consideration in Search Engine Optimization. The freshness of content is something that Google can judge quite easily whenever a web page is reindexed. It merely compares the current content with the index of the content from the last visit. I would submit, that the Google Spiders will require a much more sophisticated algorithm to judge quality content than freshness, and this is the main reason why freshness is all important.

After all, human editors frequently disagree concerning content quality. How could software robots be any different ? Any robust SEO Strategy should be based on not only quality content but fresh content as well. I believe that that fresh good quality content will win out over stale excellent quality content. It seems that the Google Spiders like fresh food even more than Subway Sandwiches does !

CNN is even ahead of Google News for a “news” search. Pretty amazing isn’t it, since Google News is indexing every one else’s news ? The New York Times is listed on page 4, and where is the Wall Street Journal? It is hard to find. I went to the first 10 pages of results and couldn’t find the Wall Street Journal anywhere. Here is a simple demonstration that will support my point about the value of freshness, Let’s do a little SEO Strategy research. Check the page rank of each of the following sites using the Google Toolbar.

CNN – Page Rank 9

The New York Times – Page Rank 8

The Wall Street Journal – Page Rank 8

Not to dish CNN at all, but if Google Page Rank were only concerned with content quality, don’t you think that the prestigious New York Times and Wall Street Journal should have at least as high a page rank as CNN ?

What about incoming links? Another SEO philosophy says that back links are the most important factor to achieve Page Rank and search engine position. Let’s look at incoming or back links using Google’s Advanced Search.

CNN – 205,000

The New York Times – 702,000

The Wall Street Journal – 66,000

If back links were the main criteria, then certainly The New York Times would be have the highest page rank, and not CNN. Note: one reason that that Google may be reporting such a small number of back links for the Wall Street Journal, is because much of the Wall Street Journal’s content is subscription-based, which requires a user name and password, that could stop the Google spiders.