SEO for Google Earth

Why on Google Earth am I suggesting optimisation for the world’s favourite bit of fun? Well, Google are currently investing heavily in mobile and geographical information offerings, including a new mobile browser and location-based services such as Google Ride Finder & Google Transit. As the web becomes ever more local, you should seriously consider optimising your site for Google Earth and the next generation of local search products.

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth was formerly known as Earth Viewer prior to acquisition of the company that created it – Keyhole, Inc – by Google in 2004. Google Earth is a virtual globe program that superimposes images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and geographical information systems (GIS) onto a 3D globe. The application has become very popular with web-users worldwide, keen to see what their house looks like from space and can be downloaded here as a standalone, desktop application.


It seems inevitable to me that, as bandwidth improves, Google Earth will eventually become the top level interface for the Google Maps service and the entire Google Local Search Interface. After all, the service can already be accessed using a browser at (the unofficial) Flash Earth and Wikimapia services.