SEO – Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

I am sure you have all seen or heard the term SEO and you probably are wondering exactly what it means. Well the actual definition from Wikipedia states the following: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results for targeted keywords. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results or the higher it “ranks”, the more searchers will visit that site. You are probably already scratching your head and saying What? Well to be honest, SEO is made up of many different variables that need to be broken down into separate areas to build an effective SEO strategy for your website.

The bottom line is you need to develop a strong SEO strategy to score high in the search engine Google. You are probably wondering why right now but as you start to learn the process it will become crystal clear that scoring high on Google’s search engine is the bench mark for 95% of all SEO strategies. Google provides over 50% of all the search engine traffic. Right know don’t go crazy trying to figure out why just understand that it should be your bench mark for your SEO strategy.

There are two classifications of SEO that you need to concentrate on. They can be classified as follows: ONLINE, and OFFLINE. Online SEO would be the actual construction of your web pages. Don’t get caught up in all the website design tricks that are suppose to score you higher in the search engines, they will only hurt your rating. I have fond out the hard way. I would recommend you design your pages according to Google’s website design guidelines. if you stay within their quality guidelines you will do just fine. One Important NOTE: Do not submit your site to any of the search engines. It has been my experience that is better to let the various search engine crawlers or robots find your site on their own. AND THEY WILL SCAN YOUR SITE IN TIME. You will score higher in the long run. Now Your second strategy should deal with “OFFLINE” SEO is the absolute most important.

OFFLINE SEO consists of The most important SEO strategies to get a higher power ranking on Google and other sites with be from you offline SEO strategies. Your OFFLINE SEO strategy will consist entirely of “Link building” This is often also called “link popularity”. Your ” link popularity will come from three types of links. “Reciprocal links”, “One way links” and “three way links” One very Important Note: Do not solicit links that have no relation to your website theme. For example if you are selling fishing supplies do not request links from other sites that do not relate to your product, for example, “health products”. Also DO NOT PURCHASE FFA SITE links these links will absolutely kill your power raking on Google. All links should be constructed with proper anchor text. Anchor text is the text inside an HTML link which is displayed to the web user. Anchor text is usually underlined. An HTML link looks like this:

Anchor Text
The Importance of Anchor Text Anchor text is weighted very heavily in the current Google algorithm. The net effect of this is that if many people link to a web page using a set of keywords as anchor text, that page will rank very highly for those keywords.

“Reciprocal links” are when you post a link for another website, and they do the same on their site. These links do not have the significance they once did but they are useful. “One way links” are the most powerful of all the links and they increase your power rating on Google the most, not mention generate a lot of traffic from people clicking on them. One way links are when a website has posted you link on there website but you have not posted a link of their website on your domain. Good examples of one way links are articles that you write that have a link at the end of the article going back to your website, that article directories have posted on their site thus , one way back to your website. Three way links are when you have a agreement with three websites to trade links, the trade is not direct. Site 1 would link with site 3 site three would link to site 2 with your link. Site two would link with site three and site three would link to site one with site 2 link.

In conclusion, Always start your SEO strategy developing your “offline” SEO strategy first. Create your webpages according to Google’s website design guidelines, paying close attention to their site quality section. Remember do not submit your site to the search engines once you have your pages created. The search engine robots will find your site in do time. After you have your web pages created develop a strategy that includes the three link types reciprocal, one way and three way. Place a lot of effort and concentration into developing a strategy for one way links first. Follow with 3 reciprocal, then three way links. Everyone has a different strategy but I personally focus on one way links for website Well GOOD LUCK!