Top Position on Google – Is That Really What You Should Focus On?

If you found this page by searching for top position on Google, or guaranteed top ranking on Google – just hold your horses a minute, they may be pulling you towards the edge of a very large cliff!

What am I talking about? surely top position on Google is what every website owner should be after right? That’s what it’s all about, get your site to the top of Google, and you’re laughing?

Well no – not at all. Getting to the top of Google is completely pointless…

IF you’re going for completely pointless keywords.

And, most people are!

If you’re looking for a top Google position, you will find no shortage of search engine firms who will offer gladly to get you a top position on Google, and before you know it, you may well have a top position on Google – which you may be paying through the nose for, to no effect whatsoever.

I will get you a top position on Google right now , for very little money, for the keyword “plemboramicunderblemianemboscopy” interested?

No – of course not, because I’m being ridiculous, no one in their right mind is ever going to search for this word, I just made it up – BUT there are keywords in all markets, which nobody searches for, and which are going to be just as pointless to you as plemboramicunderblemianemboscopy.

There are also keywords in every industry, which DO get a lot of traffic, but will be absolutely pointless for you.

So – what I’m getting at here is it isn’t top Google position that’s important, it’s good rankings on Google for the right keywords.

The right keywords, are phrases which are bringing in targeted traffic, buyers – people who are searching for what you offer. Top ranking for a keyword which brings no traffic at all, is pointless, and so too is top ranking for a a very competitive & high traffic keyword, even if you can afford to get a top ranking for it, it isn’t likely to be money well spent.

For instance a client asked me recently for a quote on a one word brand name keyword, with over 50 Million results on Google – I wouldn’t take on a keyword like this, because as a freelance SEO consultant I wouldn’t have the resources to get a position like this, you’re talking about serious effort – SEO firms who go after these kinds of keywords have teams of SEO staff working together on projects like this, and you’re talking tens or even hundreds of thousands to pay such a firm for this kind of work – and this is to gain a position which is going to bring a high quantity of low quality traffic, low conversion traffic, non-targeted traffic.