5 Ideas for Using Stackable Plastic Containers in Your Store

Like other kinds of plastic containers, stackable containers are durable, versatile, and work well as both display and storage fixtures. Also like other kinds of containers, you can find them in different shapes and sizes.

However, stackable bins pack an extra punch: They can be stacked one on top of the other! This helps you make the most of the display space you have to work with – no matter how much space it is – as well as create attractive and convenient merchandise displays for your customers.

If you’re interested in using container bestellen stackable bins, but aren’t quite sure how to use them, consider the five ideas below. Regardless of the kind of store you operate, one of these ideas will surely help you get started using these kinds of containers to create displays.

Use Stackable Plastic Containers to Display Convenience Items

Small convenience items like miniature sewing kits or manicure sets, lighters, eyeglass repair kits, and travel-sized hygiene products fit perfectly in stackable containers and are ideal merchandise choices for the countertop displays and floor rack displays in convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores.

Use Stackable Plastic Containers to Display Wrapped Candy

Obviously, candy displays are necessary for candy stores; however, candy displays are also excellent additions to nearly every kind of business. Retail locations like gas stations, grocery stores, and toy stores can benefit from candy displays, as can other businesses like hotels, motels, and restaurants.

If you want to use stackable containers to create a candy display, make sure you choose wrapped candies to display. While it’s easy to pair accessories such as plastic or aluminum scoops with nearly every kind of container, stackable containers do not have lids. This means they provide no further protection from dust and debris. However, with wrapped candies, you won’t have to worry about additional protection.

Use Stackable Plastic Containers to Display Hair Accessories

Stackable containers are great ways to organize and display hair accessories like barrettes, headbands, and ponytail holders. Sometimes these kinds of hair accessories arrive on cards or with other tools that help you display them, but when they don’t, you can organize and display them in these containers.