Ways To Develop Your Own Personal Style

You can make a big difference in your style by making a few simple changes to how you wear your clothes and buy certain things.

Here are five tips you can use immediately with your wardrobe or think about the next time you’re in the dressing room trying to decide what to wear.

1. Change your clothing to fit your proportions.

If everything else about a pair of pants or blazer is perfect and you love them, it’s worth getting the hemline shortened or the sleeves taken up. These are common changes that can be made quickly and cheaply.

Jackets: Roll the sleeves up to your elbows. This will make it look like you did it on purpose. If the sleeves don’t stay rolled up, roll them up twice or three times at the wrist. This makes your jackets into “trans-seasonal” pieces you can wear when the weather is in between seasons. It also temporarily shortens the length of your sleeves. It looks both trendy and planned. When you want to wear a long-sleeved top underneath, you can return the sleeves to their normal length.

If you’re wearing jeans, turn up the hem twice, about 1 cm each time. This makes the hemline shorter and looks great in a casual setting with sandals, espadrilles, or sneakers. This can also be done with ankle boots. This way, the bottom of your jeans will meet the top of your ankle boot without tucking them in.

Tops: Tuck your top into pants with a mid-rise or a high-rise waist. French tucks are popular and look like they are easy to do. Or, if you’re wearing pants, lightly tuck your top in the front and let the sides and back hang out. If you’re tucking your top into a skirt, tuck it in and leave about a thumb’s width of extra fabric.

If you don’t like to tuck in your tops, you can tie a knot in the front. This works best with button-up shirts; undo the last couple of buttons so you can tie the top instead of buttoning it.

2. Wear a colour that represents you and your daily activities.

We all have colours that make us instantly awake, clear-headed, and like we got more sleep than we did. These colours bring out the whites of your eyes and the brightness of your eye colour. They also brighten your skin, making dark circles or pigmentation less noticeable. When you’re feeling down, wear these colours. Lacto Calamine Uses and Benefits

3. Switch out your baggy cardigans for loose jackets.

Cardigans have a purpose and are fine to wear when going to the store or the park, but they look worn out quickly and need more structure, making you look sloppy. The best cardigans have shapes around the neck, waist, or arms. Look for ones with interesting colours or textures.

Another option is to wear a light jacket with a loose fit. They still give you an easy-to-move-in extra layer and some coverage to keep you warm, and they are light, so they don’t feel too heavy when you wear them instead of a cardigan.

A denim jacket is a great alternative to a cardigan and can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, and t-shirts if you choose the right one for your size and style. There are a lot of denim jackets with fabric that stretches, so they are no longer stiff and tight.

If you want to be able to roll up your cardigan and put it in your bag, look for one with a texture like ribbed fabric. This will help your cardigan keep its shape when you take it out of the bag, hide any small pulls in the fabric, and make wear and tear less noticeable.

4. Own fewer shoes and stick to neutral colours.

Good, comfortable shoes are expensive, and you want to get your money’s worth here. If you have a collection of neutral-coloured shoes, you can have fewer pairs, but you can wear them with many different outfits.

A pair of white sneakers, black boots, and some flats and heels in black, tan, or beige are all useful colours that go with a wide range of patterns, textures, and colours.

When choosing shoes, it’s important to think about how you live. If you walk to work, you might not need heels, but you will need comfortable boots to walk still when it rains. Or, if you work in a corporate setting, you might never be able to wear white sneakers to work. On the other hand, if your office has a smart casual dress code, white sneakers could be a part of your work wardrobe.

5. Add one accessory that changes your outfit a lot.

Just like you don’t need a lot of shoes, you don’t need a lot of accessories either. You only need a few really good pieces you can wear with most of your clothes. Fun earrings, gold or silver earrings, a simple necklace, and a watch are all versatile pieces that will make your outfit’s colours, textures, and patterns stand out. You should choose your accessories based on what you already have, the shape of your face, and your skin tone.

6. Stand out through your fashion

You can try adding stylish nail colours on your hand. Alternatively, you can also try body tattoos such the current trending fear no evil tattoo design style. It will increase your confidence and make you look more glamourous.