What Are The Average Costs For House Cleaning Services?

Outsourcing onerous household activities not only takes stress off your plate and crumbs off your counter, but it may also improve your quality of life dramatically. According to the findings of Ashley Whillans, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School. Her research suggests that prioritizing time over money — for example, by employing housekeepers to clean your home — may make you happy by allowing you to spend more time on things you value, such as work and family.

The average cost of house cleaning, on the professional housekeeping services other hand, might vary greatly depending on where you live, who you employ, and what you ask them to perform. Here are some things to consider while spending for cleaning services.

Factors influencing the cost of housekeeping services

According to current Care.com house cleaning prices, the cost of a house cleaner in major U.S. cities ranges from .75 to .75 per hour. However, the total price you pay will vary depending on the cleaner you select and the length of time it takes to clean your property. Some of the elements that can cause house cleaning prices to rise or fall include:

The house’s location

The location of your home is an important factor in determining how much you will pay for house cleaning services. According to the Care.com house cleaning rates calculator, average rates in Paris, Tennessee are currently .25 per hour, while cleaners in Breckenridge, Colorado earn significantly more at .75 per hour.

Your house’s size and condition

According to Marcos Franco, owner of Mighty Clean Home Roswell in Roswell, Georgia, the larger and dirtier your home, the more you’ll pay for a cleaning. Larger homes or residences that haven’t been cleaned in a while require more work and resources, which raises the total cost of a cleaning.

As a result, house cleaners and housekeeping services will frequently base their charges on the square footage of the home, according to Franco, as this can dramatically alter the number of hours they’ll need to spend cleaning it.

sloppy occupants

Some residents produce bigger messes than others, which might raise the expense of cleaning, according to Franco. A cleaner may charge more for cleaning homes with pets or small children, for example, because they anticipate having to spend more time cleaning up excess pet hair or splatters.

Cleaning Method

Is a basic clean all you need to brighten up the place? Or does your house require a little more elbow grease? The thoroughness of the cleaning you’re arranging can have an impact on the price you’ll spend. House cleaners and housekeepers frequently provide varied degrees of service, such as:

Routine/basic cleaning: This is the type of service you might require to get your typically tidy home ready for guests or to fill in the gaps during a particularly busy month. Surface cleaning includes wiping down counters, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming rugs, and cleaning toilets, among other things. This is usually the least expensive choice. To guarantee that the home is in good shape when routine cleanings begin, cleaners may request a deep clean before committing to a regular basic cleaning program.

Deep clean: A deep clean is when your home hasn’t been cared for in a long time and requires special attention. Some services that a deep clean may provide that a regular or basic cleaning does not include scrubbing tile grout in the bathtub, dusting individual knickknacks, or washing down baseboards or the tops of ceiling fans. This type of housekeeping service requires more work and so costs more than a basic cleaning.

Move-in/move-out cleaning: A move-in/move-out cleaning usually entails paying greater attention to scrubbing down the nooks and crannies of a property, such as wiping inside the pantry or cupboards and washing down stains on the walls. Because of the work involved, this is usually the most expensive option.

According to Jennifer Rodriguez, chief hygiene officer of Pro Housekeepers, knowing what type of cleaning service you require is critical for having your property where you want it and paying your housekeepers a reasonable amount. “We occasionally get customers who say they only need a normal cleaning, but when we arrive, their homes look like they haven’t been cleaned in years,” Rodriguez explains.

In those cases, she claims, they must raise their charges, which can be difficult for everyone involved.

Some housekeepers will come to your home and do a walk-through to determine the type of cleaning you require and provide an estimate. If you get an estimate online or over the phone, Rodriguez recommends being as honest and exact about the condition of your home as possible to avoid misunderstandings about the cost of the work.